Paragon Singers/Thomas Selle Vocalensemble • Bath/Berlin 2014/15

Concerts 6 Dec 2014, St Michael’s Church Without Bath, 8pm with pre-concert music from 7.30pm, bar open 7pm & 3/4 Jan 2015 Berlin, 5 or 6pm.

Our Berlin friends, Thomas-Selle-Vokalensemble, visit Bath once again to join with us in a candlelit performance of Michael Praetorius Christmas Mass a8 with four polychoral motets accompanied with brass and viol ensembles

14-12 A German Christmas by Candlelight.png

Paragon Singers
Thomas Selle Vocalensemble
The Six, cornett & sackbut ensemble
Folía Baroque, baroque strings
Rachel Haggerty, dulcian
Steven Hollas, chamber organ

Pre-concert music: The Six & Folía Baroque
Hymn a4 from rear of church: Wachet auf (Bath), Von Himmel hoch (Berlin)
Main organ: voluntary to accompany entry of choirs
Michael Praetorius Puer natus est – motet a11 (= Introit)
Michael Praetorius Missa a8/Kyrie
Michael Praetorius Missa a8/Gloria
Chamber organ: music (= Prayer)
Motet a4 tba (= Epistle)
Alleluia followed by The Six
Michael Praetorius Quem pastores – motet a11 (= Hymn)
Motet a4 tba (= Gospel)
Heironymus Praetorius Missa de Angelis a8/Credo
Michael Praetorius Wie schön leuchtet – motet a13
Folía Baroque
Motet a4 tba (= Prayer)
Michael Praetorius Missa a8/Sanctus
Michael Praetorius Vater unser a4
Michael Praetorius Missa a8/Agnus Dei
Chamber organ: music (= Communion)
Johannes Eccard: Verleih uns frei – hymn a5
Michael Praetorius In dulci jubilo a20